Aguadilla Beach

Aguadilla – in the top 10 of this year

Aguadilla is also known as “La Villa del Ojo de Agua” (village of the eye of water). Aguadilla vacations are also famous as “El Pueblo de los Tiburones” (town of the sharks), and recently “El Nuevo Jardin del Atlantico” (the new garden of the Atlantic). Aguadilla vacations are best known to visitors for the beaches and for traditional mundillo lace-making (bobbin lace). The most popular surfing beaches you’ll find on Aguadilla vacations include Crash Boat, famous for its crystal clear waters, Gas Chambers, and Wilderness. Among Aguadilla vacations’ main attractions you will find the popular “Parque Acuatico Las Cascadas”, a modern aquatic theme park, the biggest in the Caribbean and the “Merendero”, with a beautiful view of the town’s bay and the nearby Desecheo islet.

Aguadilla vacations are great

On Aguadilla vacations you will discover a city of almost 65,000 inhabitants (2000 census), located in the northwestern corner of the island of Puerto Rico. It is located on PR 2, one of the best freeways on the island, about twenty-five minutes from Arecibo and twenty minutes from Mayaguez. Aguadilla was for many years the home of Ramey Air Force Base. Upon its closing, the former base airport was converted into Aeropuerto Borinquen, one of the most active commercial airports around the island. Aguadilla vacations attract many internal tourists to the beautiful beaches, landmarks dating back to Spanish times.